• 20ft Standard Wind and Watertight Container from Chicago

20ft Standard Wind and Watertight Container from Chicago


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  • Size: 20ft
  • Depot: Chicago, USA,
  • Condition: Wind & watertight

This container is in "Wind & watertight" condition

Wind & watertight containers are covered by our condition guarantee. Only difference from “cargo-worthy” is that is that we don’t guarantee that is can be approved for international shipping. wind & watertight containers are the ideal storage units and also great for modification projects. Wind & watertight containers will always have;

  • Fully functioning doors (open & close/ seal properly)
  • No holes in steelwork
  • No holes in flooring

Condition details
  • Wind and watertight
  • Suitable for shipping/export
  • Floors free of holes
  • Suitable for storage
  • Doors fully functioning
  • Suitable for modifications

Money back guarantee

We offer a 1-month money-back guarantee. With this, we will refund the full purchase amount (less delivery and pick-up cost).

Condition guarantee

We guarantee that the containers we provide live up to the promised condition through our condition quality guarantee.


With Boxhub you have two options:

Depot Pick-up: Free of charge (Just make sure you have the right truck + trailer)
Boxhub Delivery: We will provide the most economical transport option directly to your site

Boxhub can deliver anywhere within 150 miles within 7 business days. We are often able to arrange it faster, so just let us know what you need and we will try and assist.

Things to know before you buy

  1. We only charge your card when the order is confirmed

    When you pay with credit card, payment, we will reserve the amount. Only after we have confirmed that your shipping container is ready for pick-up/ delivery will we withdraw the funds. Payments are managed securely through Stripe.
  2. We guarantee the condition quality

    We make three guarantees for all our containers in “wind & watertight”, “cargo-worthy” and “new” condition:
    • Wind & watertight” - no leaks
    • Floors in working condition - no holes
    • Doors that open and close properly
    If a container arrives and it does not live up to the guaranteed condition Boxhub will either:
    • Repair the unit to the guaranteed standard
    • Replace the unit free of charge
  3. We provide a 30-day money-back guarantee

    • We know that buying a used shipping container can seem confusing, especially the first time. This is why we guarantee that the containers we provide live up to the promised condition through our guarantee.
    • However, in case you regret your purchase (for whatever reason) we don’t want you to be stuck with a container that you don’t need.
    • That is why we offer a 1-month money-back guarantee. With this, we will refund the full purchase amount (less delivery and pick-up cost). No questions asked - just let us know that you don’t need the container after all, and we will arrange to pick it up.
  4. What is the difference between “wind & watertight” and “cargo-worthy”

    Cargo-worthy means that the container condition meets the requirements for transporting cargo. These containers are CSC certified, allowing it to be used for shipping. These containers will be ideal for most purposes, both transportation storage and modifications especially for converting into housing as they floors are generally in a good condition. You should select this option if you need a high-quality container that can be used for any purpose.

    Wind & watertight is is a term used for containers that are not necessarily repaired to a safe structural condition to transport cargo but remain wind and water tight. You should these if you need a container for storage or modification, but do not need it to transport cargo. These are perfect as storage containers and will always have
    Fully functioning doors (open & close/ seal properly)
    No holes in steelwork
    No holes in flooring
  5. Can I see a picture the specific container I am getting?

    At the moment, unfortunately not. Boxhub is working with the shipping lines and leasing companies to make it easier to provide photo documentation of the containers for sale.

    Our suppliers only guarantee the structural integrity and not the physical condition of the used containers. So, while we guarantee the structural integrity of the containers (leak-free, floors free of holes and doors in working condition), we do not make guarantees regarding the cosmetic appearance.

    Used shipping containers will always have smaller dents, surface rust, scratches/ gouges on the floors or metal patches. Please take a look at our “Condition Guide” where this is clearly described along with pictures of the potential cosmetic issues to be aware of when purchasing a used container.
  6. How does delivery work

    Boxhub can arrange delivery directly to your site. Please refer to our guide to delivery. We will calculate the most likely costs based on your address. We will then confirm this by answering a few questions about your delivery site to decide the most economical option for your site.
  7. Do you provide financing?

    Boxhub does not currently provide financing. Please give us a call, and we can potentially refer to reputable financial services providers that an assist.
  8. I need to export my container - Boxhub can arrange CSC survey

    If you are buying a shipping container for International transport/ export, Boxhub can help obtain the mandatory 12-month “CSC survey”. This is a survey which verifies that the container lives up to the stated lifting and stacking capabilities, and can therefore safely carry cargo in international shipping. Let us know if you need this service, and we will be pleased to arrange.
  9. Where is my container shipped from?

    Your container will be shipped from the nearest possible intermodal depot. If needed, Boxhub can assist with arranging the most economical delivery option directly to your site.
  10. Why is Boxhub cheaper than other sites?

    Boxhub is an independent platform, that makes the supply of containers transparent to the end-buyers. As we use the newest online technology to streamline the process and connect directly to the container Owners we can keep costs low and eliminate unnecessary middlemen.
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